Twin flame exercise 1: List of things I love about my twin flame

He’s honest
He’s kind
He’s compassionate
He’s creative
He’s understanding
He’s empathetic
He’s talented
He’s attractive
He’s good looking
He’s smart
He’s nonjudgemental
He’s open minded
He’s cool
He’s got charisma out the wazoo
He’s charming
He’s loving
He’s confident
He’s faithful
He’s romantic
He’s loyal
He’s dedicated
He’s unique
He’s himself
He’s wise
He’s perceptive
He’s observant
He’s cute
He’s queer
He’s generous
He’s sweet
He’s strong
He’s perfect :3c
He’s accomplished
He’s determined
He’s persistent
He knows what he wants
He doesn’t settle
He’s fashionable
He’s stylish
He’s original
He’s fearless
He’s fierce
He’s fiery
He’s chill
He’s thoughtful
His smile
His laugh
His eyes
His nose
His lips
His ears
His hair
His heart
His legs
His hands
His arms
His birth mark(s)
His height
His musical taste
He reads
He loves animals
He’s foxy
He’s cunning
He knows me
His pranks/He’s a trickster
His sense of humor
His hugs
His ero
His magic
His calmness
His craziness
His maturity
His mind
His luck
His Peter Pan syndrome/forever young/childlike ness
His reverse aging as he gets older
His voice
His age
His playfulness
His joyfulness
His mysteriousness
His hometown
His family
His carefulness
His recklessness
His soul
His spirit
His punkness/rebellion/disregard for authority/morality

my favs
his kindness

It makes sense to trust God! :3 Completely. :3

“We don’t fear our demons because we became friends with them.” -Nico
“Nothing is to be feared, only understood.”

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