My life (the positives)

Things that I accomplished that I wanted to accomplish:
Met LM.C, my favorite band(many times), saw LM.C concert(s), Green Day concert, Fall Out Boy concert, twenty one pilots concert(s), Panic! at the Disco concert(s), Dresden Dolls concert, Dir en grey concert, the GazettE concert, 2NE1 concert, enlightenment, met my soulmate, talked to them, touched them, they smiled at me, I smiled at them, they hugged me, they gave me gifts, traveled to France, England, Scotland, Spain, Japan, Hawaii, Alaska, Seattle, Oregon, New York, Florida, Kansas, Utah, San Francisco, Los Angeles, been on TV (in at least 2 different countries) written stories, songs, poems, drew, painted, sang, danced, played guitar, drums, piano, keyboard, triangle, cymbals, ukelele, bought music, FL Studio, anime, manga, video games, got a lightning 7% card in Flyff, saw magic, did magic, was a witch, anarchist, straight edge, punk, liberal, precious, safe, prosperous, happy, joyful, peaceful, in bliss, loved, free, pure, chaste, kind, responsible, amazing, beautiful, cute, strong, brave, athletic, independent, just, fair, sane, balanced, valid, real, humble, Christian, fit, compassionate, generous, helpful, friendly loving, like Jesus, graduated high school, went to college, went to fair, became vegan, signed petitions, protested, set people free from imprisonment, saw movies, anime, cartoons, read manga, books, went to library, observatory, pool, beach, forest, desert, creek, city, country, experienced fall, winter, spring, summer, chilled, beat cancer, ate healthy, worked out, meditated, prayed, tried, failed, succeeded, moved out, learned, saved at least one life, listened to music, made friends, went to many conventions, stayed in hotels, motels, hostels, AirBnBs, bed and breakfasts, had closure, adventures, ate pizza, chocolate, sushi, clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl, Lascaris, Dominos, BJs, Taiko, good food in general, organic food, drank juice, water, went to Disneyland, Disney World, held job(s), gotten a raise, won prizes and trophies, healed, supported, volunteered, had top Youtube comments, dyed my hair, cut my hair, shaved off my eyebrows, drawn them on, worn makeup, cosplayed, played video games, slept, chatted, browsed the internet, saved bugs, expressed gratitude, written in (many) journals, helped, voted, coded, hacked, donated (money, clothes, goods, time), seen the night sky, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, known my worth, been on (many) roller coasters, (every day) stand up for what I believe in and NEVER sit down.

Wow! I feel really accomplished. ❤ Thank you, God! I'm so happy with my life. :3c

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