Figureoutable – I’M OBSESSING

maya and i grow up together as childhood friends, and become rock stars together young, get married young, are immortal, and have no darkness. ok so if i like were like ‘billie eilish’ or ‘billie joe’ or ‘avril’ then i’d be like 12 and in a band with my soulmate playing wembley stadium 1000% sold out and setting all the records. we’d be immortal with 0 darkness. and get married at like 17. forever. NO seperation at all. in a good way. THAT”S WHAT I WANTTTT. i WOULDN’T be a superhero or mahou shoujo, idol, artist, pro gamer, author (maybe like an autobiography :PPP) or entrepeneur (save like my clothing line, perfume, etc) i’d travel on tour and my life would be one long vacation.

my past, present, and future

league name change?
im craving spicy food uwu (like the hot ramen, hot wings, hot cheetos, jalapenos…)

superhero/mahou shoujo

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