yah i guess ur right

okay so yeah i guess hypothetically if like there was someone holding a gun to my head (like a sniper or smth) and telling maya not to come near me or i’d get it, then that would be a reason why he isn’t reaching out to me. (I mean I’m sure he’d take them tf out then come to me anyways but ye) And hopefully there is something different than that lol but you get my gist. I guess God is right. I shouldn’t think he hates me just because he hasn’t reached out since the Veda tour. I don’t know why but I have faith in him and to be honest i never will ever doubt maya for even a second. I love him so much and i know he loves me too. unconditionally. and only! :3
when i rant about stuff like “he hates me T^T” im only venting the doubts coming from another place, one that isn’t me. like the Green Day lyrics from “She” – “She, she’s figured out- all her doubts were someone elses point of view.”
so basically im ranting that, not what i know and feel deep down in the core of my being. I know he understands. :’3

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