The plot of the violent ete.

Basically some poor beta good guy is forced to show up to breed with an unknown female. they’re both aliens
and um theres some kind of mandatory program kind of like jury duty where u must mate.
and then they take ur baby and use them for things like police, scientists, laborers etc.
its kind of weird. um. like the arcturians and probably a lot of others. its kinda like eugenics. like theyll breed their citizens for desirable traits etc. or just specific traits. so.
when he shows up, the female isnt there, and they tell him he needs to go find her and bring her back. theres like a death
penalty for disobeying so the ‘poor sod’ has to go take a govt provided spaceship and set off on a massive
misadventure searching for the gal.
the ‘plot twist’ or wtv is that shes a violent, wanted criminal. and she obviously wants nothing to do with
that program, the govt, or him.
she initially tries to kill him but (similar to revy and rock) immediately finds an attraction to the guy
she cant really tell what it is but numerous things happen and in the end, they decide to fly off together
for freedom.

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