toxic ppl and shit

okay so i have a shit ton of experience with toxic people.
i was raised by and around them.
i was locked in a literal fucking cage with them, on numerous occasions.
let me fucking tell you.
theres a whole culture, on social media and other places, of empaths and other people who gather to discuss coping skills in dealing with difficult people.
People like Loki, Lucifer, my adoptive “parents”…
Ppl who don’t take a hint. Not even when it’s shoved up their bunghole.
In situations like this, the best and only true solution, to most peoples popular consensus, is no contact.
That’s the only way to truly avoid dealing with a narc. Escaping their manipulations and lies and torment.
A siren just sounded outside my window in the distance. My third eye is like “synchronicity”! Like I just said, my “parents” called police and shit on me for SPEAKING MY MIND and BEING MYSELF and having the audacity to FIGHT BACK.
For having EMOTIONS.
I’m triggered.
Anyways. TL;DR NEVER deal with toxic ppl, if you can avoid it. And if you can’t- I don’t really know what to do tbh I’m still working on it myself.

#np – “Venomous Spiders Web” – The GazettE (from the album TOXIC ;))

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