Just to start :3

If knew I could do anything I want without failing, which I do 100% (#woke), um, I would be a rock star. Sell out Wembley Stadium indefinitely and set all the records for everything…. museum victories every day, and I won’t stop there. I would also be a pro gamer, Win Worlds, write all my stories, make em into amazing and successful movies and have toys and merch of my characters literally everywhere. I’d be literally immortal. Happy. Marry my soul mate. Do what I want whenever I want, without any fear or anxiety ever. No matter what. Utter confidence. Have my ideal body, thicc yet toned. Like an hourglass shape. Also shapeshift, use magic, go to Hogwarts, be a superhero. Join Avengers. Have a harem and reverse harem… have the complete, perfect, and real Japanese high school experience. Live on Olympus with my family and soulmate etc. Befriend everyone (in healthy way only). Master cooking, gaming, coding. Travel literally everywhere, quality travel, not just popping into a country for a day or two then leaving. Living. Being dedicated to life and my friends! Have a pet cheetah, horses, unicorns, dragons, etc.
Have closure, knowledge, and balance. Be grounded, humble… Have simple fair good meaningful life.
Hang out with God literally and logically every single day (like his tangible, physical form!!!). Play chess with, travel, be heroes together, get advice, guidance, and comfort from, etc. Befriend Blank specifically. Live in anime irl. I already know I am… Pleas and thank you, God. (Ask and ye shall recieve!!!) Hallelujah!!!

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