moar notes for my stories (Re; prinabo)

Prinabo is a complete hermit who doesn’t go out at all. He’s purposefully retracted all traces of his existence from the world (Rheato). For personal reasons. (insecurity related)
He only has 4 followers. Which is interesting since he’s such an amazing deity.
One of them is Ryomal, one is me (though I am off and on or whatever), 2 are other witches.
FUcking litereally.
No one else rly remembers him. He kinda gave up on being an active god. But Sarah is making him reconsider.
He’s kinda a mojo as it were but in his own place in Cilia (the kingdom of gods which is shared ~equally with passed on or traveling mortals….)
It’s paradise. It’s heaven. Literally.
He has a golden palace that he shares with his 6 sibling, the original 7 gods of lagnoa. The ones who cough
created it.
Ryomal found one of like 3 leftover existing traces of Prinabo and studying it ravenously enough he tapped into the god himself’s aura or whatever and got more info that way. Sarah wrote his Name down and then learned about him via deus ex machina (divine intervention from Yah or whatever).
The two witches he knows personally and tutors them in his ways wink wink.

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