Writers write. Keep writing x3

Non disclaimer: as i write i plan to update and publish my progress, work, notes, and ideas. if someone takes them i will not worry because i know things will work out and i dont have time for worry. :3 I have God on my side so yah. It’s like open source, transparent writing process. I am so original :3

The Sand Dragon

A roan horse flew across the sandy desert, leaving waves of sand trailing in its wake. It’s rider wore
a red cloak that flew behind them as they traveled.
They came across a formation of mysterous rocks jutting out of the desert floor.
She went the fuck in.
Used a fairie spell to guide her way thru the darkness. She reached the big part.
Where she saw a dragon sleeping on a mountain of gold. He woke up and tried to eat her. She fought back
with a sword that was in the pile. :thinking: it’s a special sword obviously.
it called to her. destiny. plus shes just a badass and brave and will fight til the end no matter what. like
even if and especially if ur big and scary 4Head.
smth tells me subconcsioulsy or whatever she was looking for a fight/adventure and was fully prepared for it.
:3 destiny.
a strong female lead.
so then after his initial instinctive defense mechanism ends and his famous logic and reason arrives, he
saltily remembers that she is destined to show up, wake him (a dragon) with that sword wearing that robe etc.
He was waiting for her.
After he realizes his threat is the wrong approach and won’t help, and that he’s literally potentially screwed
and dead if he fucks this up… he calms down and tries using more empathy. It works, as its destined to.
And she becomes his pupil.
Will expand on it later but she studies magic with him PLATONICALLY tho there is defo obviously sexual tension
out the wazoo (i ship it).
She’s p young like 19 btw. He’s over 200 years old.
btw he uses his humanoid form to be less threatening to her.
Ryomal has sworn off meat and trouble tho he has rules for her to not awaken his inner urge. Like not bringing
in any kind of raw meat. it drives him mad. one time she forgets lol and almost gets fuckin killed.
In an AU she does fuckin get fuckin killed lmao. But ORIGINALITY EXISTS KREYGASMMMMMM.
LOL. Logic and shit. Jesus homeboy updog.

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