Hes the Lagnoan god of death, war, pain, suffering, illness, chaos, blood, destruction, and violence. He’s super cool and rocks hard.
He reminds me of Shiva in that although not evil it his his job as it were to destroy things. For example when people plow dirt its to make the soil more fertile to plant crops and shit. That kind of thing. I guess hes a plower….. XDDD
He’s also a wolf. Like literally but he can shapshift into a human form. He has dark skin, a lean yet muscular body, very sexy, ash grey hair (usually in a traditional Shur’tagh mini ponytail), wears a wolf pelt vest thing and …black leather pants. With chunky punk/goth combat boots…He has stern, steely, blood red eyes that shoot daggers usually (?). Intense. He enjoys hunting for prey, traveling, tea, and causing chaos. In his wolf form he is large and grey. Although a lone wolf, he is an alpha and sometimes hangs out with followers and such. :3

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