Toxic people (I don’t associate or interact with them at all.)
Not (?) omniscient or omnipotent
Have knowledge of how to make money (well) – don’t need absolute wealth
Humble life
Simple life
I want one career- I guess healer cause then i can like travel thru time and space and save/help ppl! :3
ie Harry Potter, Hitchhiker’s Guide, Avengers, Supernatural, Kamen Rider, Buffy, all other anime n shit. :3 This is my calling purpose and ikigai. To heal people! (as a goddess/in general) :3 Just like Hermes delivers messages and shit. Also Aqua and Ashertain, too other interdimensional traveling healing goddesses!!!! ❤
Just need closure on the whole 'music' part or wtv… dont wanna write etc but also feel obligated to complete all my dreams even if it will make me the worlds biggest Mary Sue. LOL

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