Perfect Fantasy

I had this beautiful, vivid, wonderful vision that it was over 300-3k years from now and I was with Aru cuddling on top of him in a cute old fashioned a bit old ~abandoned cottage in the midst of a foresty area in Lagnoa. Pretty sure I was wearing a flower crown with orange yellow and purple flowers and he was like shirtless (as usual lmao). We were kissing sweetly and passionately and both very comfortable. He was being submissive as over the years I had conquered him and his heart completely (mo, ne). We are kindred souls/spirits. :3 maya showed up to apologize lmao. thats all i “remember”. :3333

Perfect Fantasy for sure lmao

After I do all this obligatory mary sue dream bullshit Imma run away and stay in Lagnoa for eternity, living my life as an eternal goddess there, in my ideal fantasy world with magic and shit. :3333333 Also Cilia.

Fantasy is my favorite genre by far for a reason. I was born in the wrong world to the wrong family (i mean its cool that im immortal but other than that yeah bullshit.)

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