LOGIC! BALANCE! <3 Please and thank you, amen.

My priorities:
Precious/Live in Olympus (w/ Shiwari)
Master gaming
Go to Hogwarts
Go to Camp Half Blood
Team Free Will
“Turn into fox form then teleport into mayas arms, then create Deden together and live there”

Like I don’t want to be OP or a Mary-Sue. I’m sure God has a plan for me to fulfill all my wildest dreams and more in a grounded, real, sensible manner. :3
For example, if like, Katy Perry or Lady Gaga went to Hogwarts on top of all the fame, success, wealth, talent, etc. Like I would be fuming at the lack of balance. The same thing applies to everyone. It MUST be fair and balanced. And make sense, and be logical. Sou da.
So with that being said, I give it all up to the Good Lord. ❤

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