what i want and need

what I want:
I want to either be an #EternalNEET living in Olympus with my soulmate/tf maya, happily ever after,


To have my purpose, ikigai, reason for existence laid out plainly before me and do that forever. It must be something I love, enjoy, never get tired of, am (naturally) good/adept at, something humble, real, down to Earth, grounded, super awesome, balanced, simple, easy but not in a bad way, something good, helpful, that helps and saves people etc. And I just want one (job/ikigai/purpose). Not half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing! I want (it) to eschew fame, glory, wealth, etc. I want it to be meaningful. Also still want to live in my home, Olympus, with my soulmate/tf maya, happily ever after. (I want justice, recompense, and everything that was stolen from me to return to me, 10x+. Restoration, memory, karma, liberty, freedom, truth!!!!!!) I want maya’s ikigai to be the same as mine. So we can work together for eternity. Raising the vibration of the Universe and spreading peace, joy, and bliss.

At the same time, I do want to be an Avenger etc… :3

Here is the list of things for the violet ray/God to demolish for me:

I need to like figure out this ‘excuse’ about ‘not giving up on your dreams’ even tho i have like 0 interest in a lot of those things now and I consider that valid……
I don’t want to miss any opportunities. God knows… God’s plan! Sou da.
Technically I have eternity so it’s extremely possible if not outright fact that I can and will do all of the above… somehow.. I mean.
Mainly I just want things to be simple and humble and I feel like if I’m ‘selling out Wembley Stadium indefinitely’ a ‘rock star’ ‘Avenger/superhero/mahou shoujo’ ‘pro gamer’ ‘author’ ‘entrepreneur’ and more like, that’s over the top mary sue territory and I want my life to be more humble than that. Like I said, I also don’t want to miss out on any opportunities and dreams. So yeah, the violet ray/God has their work cut out for them in solving this brutal equation. I may be overstating things but idk.

1. Not give up on any dreams. Do them all!!! And more!
2. Keep things simple, humble, not overwhelming (in a bad way), managable, comfy.


That’s the general idea.

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