be kind (but don’t take any shit)

1. Be kind
2. Don’t take any shit

or smth

i feel like i have a good balance of it. basically, i always choose the Jesus route. Like, anarchy and Christianity go hand in hand! :3
There’s even a book about it. Haven’t read it yet but really want to.

Like, God proteccs us. Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way but I know in my heart he always is. “It’s not our battle, but His!” He will always fight for you – all you need is to be still. Trust Him!!! Sou da yo. :33333333333333

Injustice is nothing. JUSTICE ALWAYS PREVAILS. “Everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” – John Lennon (?)

Never worry.
Even and especially if things seem hopeless. Stay strong and remember the sun will always rise. :3

(insert anecdotes about abused children who fight back and are *almost* arrested for it) (and those who were/are)
Fucked up, yes. But it isn’t how the story ends. :333333

Morgan Freeman God OP

Life is fair.

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