Yomawari + Urbex

I love the game Yomawari. I love haunting, spirits, abandoned places, darkness, night!!!!!!!!!!!
I love Supernatural. Watching Yomawari makes me want to go urbexing with friends and like maybe see some ghosts. I want to help them cross over to the other side. Like Aqua did in that Konosuba dungeon. Release and set them free so they may go peacefully into the next life and be happy.
I can only imagine what itd be like to be stuck here on Earth as a ghost. I would probably be miserable and unhappy…
I’m a healer, empath, Christian, and priest. Working and being good with spirits and other entities comes really naturally to me, and Ive never had a problem with them even once in my life- only good (and at worst neutral) experiences. I give it (the credit etc) all up to the good Lord, who protects me and everyone else. Thank you Jesus. I dont need a disclaimer. I love spirit work, I love danger. I love helping people, being strong, and learning. What can I say? I feel like I was meant for this. I’m not glorifying or romanticizing what the spirits have gone through or become. We are all equal. Namastizzle. I feel like I belong in the night with them- not dead, but like… anyways. I am a witch and psychic. I fucking love ghosts etc. :3 Peace!!!

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